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A typical blue Portuguese front door  describing the NIF tax ID section offered by the independent real estate buyer’s agent Lagos Homes in the Algarve Portugal

Tax ID - NIF

Acquire your Portuguese NIF effortlessly with our user-friendly online service. Apply conveniently from your home and expect to receive your NIF in just one week. We provide step-by-step guidance, making the process seamless and stress-free as you prepare for your new life in Portugal. Begin your journey smoothly by filling out our partner online application.

Portugal NIF number

12 months of fiscal representation

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Understanding the NIF in Portugal

The NIF, or Número de Identificação Fiscal, is a nine-digit Portuguese taxpayer identification number, crucial for anyone planning to move to Portugal. It's issued by the local tax authorities and appears on tax cards and Portuguese citizenship identity cards. Acquiring a NIF is a primary step in your relocation process.

Applying for a NIF doesn't automatically classify you as a Portuguese tax resident, so it's advisable to obtain one early on, particularly if you're involved in property transactions in Portugal. Eligibility requires legal age and a few documents for an immediate issuance of your NIF.

Why do I need a NIF tax ID in Portugal?

The NIF is integral to your financial and legal activities in Portugal. It's necessary for:

  • Opening bank accounts

  • Buying property

  • Arranging utilities like electricity, water, and telecommunications

  • Filing annual income taxes

  • Renting accommodations

  • Signing employment contracts

  • Purchasing vehicles

  • Inheriting assets

Who Requires a NIF in Portugal?

A NIF is mandatory for all official residents in Portugal, encompassing both citizens and foreign residents. While not having a NIF won't lead to immediate issues, it becomes indispensable for various official and financial transactions.

Non-residents or individuals without a Portuguese, EU, or EAA address need a "Representante Fiscal" (tax representative) in Portugal to apply for a NIF. This representative must have a local address and a valid NIF.


Apply for NIF online

Valid passport (or National ID card for EU citizens). We support all nationalities for our NIF service.

Proof of address outside Portugal:

A recent telephone or utility bill

A recent bank account statement in your name

A laptop with coffee and notepad on a table describing the NIF tax ID section offered by the independent real estate buyer’s agent Lagos Homes in the Algarve Portugal

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